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  1. Mar 25,  · My Everything Lyrics: If I lost everything / And didn't have anything / And You were the only thing / I'd still have everything / If I lost everything, yeah~ / And didn't have anything / And You were.
  2. You are my everything I know you're not far but I still can't handle all the distance You're travelling with my heart I hope this is a temporary feeling 'Cause it's too much to bear Without you and I know sorry ain't the cure If I cross your mind just know I'm yours 'Cause what we got is worth fighting for 'Cause you are You weren't my.
  3. My everything You're the breath of life in me the only one that sets me free and you have made my soul complete for all time (for all time) You are my everything (you are my everything) Nothing your love won't bring (nothing your love won't bring) My life is yours alone (alone) The only love I've ever known (oh no, no) Your spirit pulls me.
  4. My Everything was a really cute and easy read. I believe it's the first novella in the Beaumont series.. but I'm not one hundred percent certain. However, it's the first one I found so that's why I'm saying that. I was so happy to read more about Nick, who was Josie's ex-fiance. He wasn't my favorite person in the entire universe (or this /5.
  5. My Everything Lyrics: The lonliness of nights alone / The search for strength to carry on / My every hope has seemed to die / My eyes had no more tears to .
  6. (You are my Everything) Woyɛ m’ade nyinaa Wo-yɛ m’ade nyinaa Oh, oh, oh Woyɛ m’ade nyinaa} [x2] [Repeat Verse 2] Wo yɛ me guan kɔ bea (You’re my refuge) M’aban denden, M’enidaso (My strong tower, my hope) Wo yɛ m’ahoɔden M’ehinta bea (My strength, my hiding place) My life is in your hands [Chorus] {Woyɛ m’ade nyinaa.
  7. If I ever lose my everything. I will protect you. I wanna see only you and hear you only. I wanna let you live within me. Look at me, come to my arms. You’re my every my everything. You’re my everything, love for you. Only you are the owner of my heart. You are my first, my last thing.
  8. Anita Baker's My Everything is her first studio outing in a decade. Family life seems to have claimed most of that time, as the album's last cut, "Men in My Life," seems to indicate. Baker co-wrote seven of the album's nine songs (one is a reprise of the title track), authored the aforementioned tune, and assisted producer Barry J. Eastmond in the arrangements.8/

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